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Beta Dash stretches his legs

We have some great new results to share of Dash tearing it up on tile in Paul's kitchen! Here is a quick snippet of Beta Dash scampering across the floor at top speed.

As you can see he steers great, and even gets some drifting action as he pulls back and forth! We've added a second motor to the design which is giving him a huge boost in power. As well we've made some great advancements in the construction process making the kit easier than its ever been to assemble. We've still got some chassis development to go however, and we'll be starting some durability tests with Dash pretty soon - so stay tuned for what should be some pretty great videos of Dash being put through his paces.

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Nov 19, 2013 • Posted by Carroll Smith

Hey guys (err dudes) I am content to wait as you work things out. The idea I would like to plant is that I am hoping you will look ahead for future applications such as carrying walking challenged loads (as in people) over irregular terrain. Go for it.

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