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A look at electronics development

This week we're taking a look at how we're developing the electronics for Dash. Typically, one of the first steps in developing electronics is, appropriately, a development board! This is a PCB (printed circuit board) that has all or almost all of the functionality of the final electronics, but is much bigger and easier to work with. This allows us to quickly test various parts of the electronics without having to worry about making the board compact. 


We're using the boards below to test and verify Dash's sensors, motor drivers, and radio. 



The radio dev board is a purchased item, it helps us get the bluetooth working, making sure we can talk to Dash. The Dash Dev Board was designed by our engineer Dwight, and lets him test Dash's motors and sensors. So far we have the gyroscope verified, the IR sensor/emitters verified, and should have the motor driver fully verified soon. Once we finish that, and test the system as a whole, we'll move on to board layout for Dash's actual electronics. these should be quite a bit smaller than the dev board. Can't wait to show you the final board when it's ready!

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