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Our very own laser cutter!

This is what awaited me when I arrived home at near midnight after a Dash meeting down in Mountain View. 

It's our laser cutter! In addition to letting us now claim that we started this company in our garage, it will dramatically decrease our design cycle because we can design and build in the same location. 
I couldn't just let the box sit until tomorrow, so I set up the camera and started taking things out of boxes. 
Everything looks like it arrived in fantastic shape, with most components stored in the laser housing itself. The water pump and exhaust fan tell me that this 45W laser is no joke, but that fact was reinforced by the plethora of warning labels placed around the laser housing. Fortunately, as long as you are intelligent and don't bypass the built-in safety measures, this thing is quite harmless. 
I am still headed up to Berkeley this weekend anyway to get some quality build time and design feedback from the team, but this will really improve the way we work going forward. 

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