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Robot Building Party

We often work as a distributed team - some of us in Silicon Valley and some of us about an hour north in Berkeley. However, it's often very useful for everyone to get together and work on these robots at the same time. Plus, it gives me an excuse to eat at Cancun Taqueria, the best Mexican joint in Berkeley. 



The 5 of us hard at work (Dwight isn't pictured, because he's behind the camera). Also don't worry, I have more hair now.


The robots have come a long way, and are now MUCH easier to assemble and require a lot less glue.



A pink beta Dash in the foreground. Notice the "split" left and right design, which allows him to steer. 


We try to do a bit of everything when we all get together, from  tweaking the chassis, to working on the electronics, to testing the powertrain. 


Dash gets a workout to help us test power consumption. 


Thanks for reading! We'll be putting more updates up as we go!

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