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Electronics Verified, Dash Robotics South operational

Hi everyone,


  A few updates this week. We've finished up the development board checks for the electronics, and will be sending out a first prototype electronics design to be manufactured over the holidays. We're also starting to get Dash to talk to an iPad, so we can build an app to drive the robot. We also have Dash Robotics South (aka Paul's garage) fully set up. We're able to cut and laminate there, meaning we can build robots in Silicon Valley or up in Berkeley.


  This Saturday we'll be getting together to build some more robots to bring home to friends and family so we can get feedback on the kit. We want to make sure it's fun to build, and not too hard. We'll also be showing Dash off at the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley on Saturday, and teaching kids all about robotics and engineering. If you're in the area, come check us out!



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