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Test Robots for the Holidays

Today I went up to Berkeley to give a talk to some high schoolers at the Lawrence Hall of Science and show off Dash to the public. It was a lot of fun for me, and I hope for the kids as well. Plus you can't beat the view.



After that, it was back down the hill to work on some robots. Andrew was already hard at work, preparing kits for us to take home for the holidays. Until now, we've been building the kits ourselves, so it can be hard to tell how easy or hard it will be for other people. We think we have a pretty good solution now, but we'd like to see how our friends and family back home do.



We fixed various small issues with the latest version of the 'bot, and then cranked out 9 kits for the team to take home to the South, the Midwest, and Ontario. The process gets faster every time we do it, and when it comes time for production we think 1000 kits will go by... well maybe not in no time, but fairly quickly. 


After that, it was time to relax and enjoy some good food and drinks just off of campus. Also the sunset and moon over the Campanile:





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