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Dash Robotics gets its first full-time employees

For all of 2013, we've been working on Dash Robotics "part-time." At first, all of us were finishing up our PhDs at Berkeley, and then some transitioned into jobs or postdocs. Now, Andrew Gillies has graduated (congrats Dr. Gillies!) and I (Nick) have left my post at Stanford to concentrate full time on Dash Robotics. 


We have a lot planned for the new year, and look forward to devoting more time and attention to shipping you the best robot possible. Andrew and I will be handling a lot of the mechanical and manufacturing aspects of Dash, along with most of the business operations of the company. Dwight and Paul will still be working hard on electronics and chassis, respectively. Keep watching this space for more updates, as the development of the robot and the company progresses forward.


Nick Kohut, CEO


Andrew Gillies, COO


Jan 14, 2014 • Posted by Nick Kohut

Hi Jim,

Thanks! Currently Dash is meant as an educational tool and toy to teach kids and hobbyists alike about robotics. This design paradigm however, could have many applications. One could imagine 1000s of Dash robots performing a search and rescue effort in a collapsed building, inspection of a bridge or other public infrastructure, or even as a fun pet toy.

Jan 08, 2014 • Posted by Jim Nelson

Looks like you’ve got some great things going, Nick. For what types of applications is DASH designed?

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