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Electronics Development marches forward

Hi everyone,

  As the new year begins for Dash Robotics, we're working hard to get all the pieces of Dash working together. Previously, we've been using simple store bought electronics to drive Dash. These did not have a lot of capabilities, but were useful for driving Dash around, showing how he runs, etc. Now Dash is about to get his own set of electronics for the first time. 

   Our prototype design is complete and is being sent out for manufacturing as we speak. Hopefully we will have pictures of the real thing next week, but as a sneak preview check out the layout below.  

   These electronics feature everything you would want in a basic small robot - Arduino compatible microcontroller, Bluetooth 4, dual H-bridge motor driver, gyroscope, LEDs, and a few other simple sensors. Enough to get any robot project up and moving in a single small board. This will be used on the Dash kit, but if you're interested in the electronics as a stand-alone item, let us know at contact@dashrobotics.com. 


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