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Electronics prototype boards are here!

Our first version of the board for Dash has arrived, and we're working through all the little bugs that come with a prototype. This board is fully equipped with microprocessor, Bluetooth 4, gyroscope, and more. It allows us to run the robot, test code, and check all the circuitry. We will be developing a smaller version next, which should be close to the final version that you'll get with the robot once they ship. Our assembled versions are squirreled away in Dwight's workshop, but here is a picture of some of the bare boards.



Here, we see Dwight explaining electronics to us poor Mechanical Engineers:



And finally, a partially assembled/disassembled board we've been using for debugging:



We're also working on all the other pieces in parallel, keep watching for more chassis, powertrain, and app developments!


Feb 07, 2014 • Posted by Nick

Thanks Heath, that’s great to know! Glad you like reading our posts, it makes it worth writing them.

Feb 06, 2014 • Posted by Heath

Thanks for the well written and detailed updates! I’ve been sharing them with my kids. We are excited to get a kit in our hands, but having a window into the development process, your hard work, and sharing that with them is even more valuable to me than the finished product.

Feb 04, 2014 • Posted by Nick Kohut

Hi Alison,

Our target ship date is April, and we’re still on track but it’s looking tight and there is definitely some uncertainty. We’ll have a better handle on this in the next few weeks – we want to get a good estimate before we say anything too concrete. That said we’re working hard to get Dash through development and manufacturing! I’ll be talking about some of these issues in the next blog post.


Feb 03, 2014 • Posted by Alison Powell aka Trevor's Grandma

Hi Y’all! Any idea when the bugs might ship?



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