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New electronics layout complete - less than 2 square inches!

Hi everyone,


   As you may have seen in our Jan 28th post, we recently got some prototype boards in for testing. They work very well, and we're ready for the  next iteration. The main goal of this design was to build an incredibly compact board, while retaining all the functionality of the larger initial prototype. This new design should be substantially similar to our production electronics, and we are hopeful this will be the last prototype revision.

   This board packs a lot of capability into about 2 square inches, including gyroscope, dual IR detector/emitters, visible light sensor, and a fun new feature we hope will give Dash a lot more personality (but that's for another blog post...). To see how the design compares to the January prototype, we've made a to-scale image of the new board and old:


The top shows the copper layout of Engineering Prototype 1 (or EP1), which you also may have seen here. The bottom shows the copper layout of EP2, our new board. EP2 is a 4 layer board, meaning we can fit traces (wires) in between the layers of fiberglass the board is made of, ultimately giving a more compact design. Of course, this is also more difficult, but we think it's worth it. 

Last time it took us about two weeks to get from the layout you see above for EP1 and a working board. Some of that is due to manufacturing and shipping time (the board has to be milled by a manufacturer and then shipped to us), and some of that is just assembling and troubleshooting the board itself. Once we have the new boards in hand, we'll let you know! After we've tested them, a next major step is FCC certification, and then large scale manufacturing. Thanks for reading!


Feb 17, 2014 • Posted by Nick

Hi Phil,

The beta version will be fully functional. Keep watching this space for updates on manufacturing schedule, we’re working hard to get the robots out as soon as possible, and should know a lot more in the next couple of weeks. Thanks for your patience!


Feb 17, 2014 • Posted by Phil Gong

Hi guys I was thinking about making a robot for a science fair project that I am doing and I was wondering when you guys would be able to ship out robots. I am ok with it being the beta version, as long as it is functional. I am really interested in it and was hoping to get my hands on one, thanks.

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