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Electronics getting ever closer...

We've received our second batch of prototype electronics from China. These boards will be approximately the size and weight of the final production boards, and should have all the same features. These prototypes will likely go through FCC certification as well. 



The biggest features are the Bluetooth radio and microprocessor (Atmega 32u4) in the middle of the board. On the two corners are the IR emitter/detector pairs, and also a 3-color LED. We're hoping to give Dash some "eyes" where you can pick the color! Once all the systems have been verified, we'll move towards FCC testing and a small run of 50 boards. After that, we'll be doing the large run of 1000-2000 boards! We plan on doing all this in the US, and in fact will be visiting a board house on Thursday, which should be exciting. 


Soon we'll be sending out a larger update about where we are in the production process, and where we can expect to be in the coming weeks. That will be featured here on the blog, and also on our mailing list and through the backer update at http://www.dragoninnovation.com/projects/16-dash-the-diy-robot/updates


Thanks for reading! 



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