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Robot Block Party!

Hi everyone,

This week we attended the Silicon Valley Robot Block Party in Palo Alto, and it was a blast! About 1500 members of the public, robot enthusiasts, and robobusiness people showed up, for a great event. We got to show off Dash to a lot of people, and everyone loved playing with him.

Of course, we weren't the only exhibitors there. There were tons of cool things to see. Like this tensegrity structure from NASA. All the elements are in tension, making it strong and robust. 

Our friend Alice was there, showing off her cool force sensors.

And our friend R2D2!

There were other cool robot toys, like Anki.

And some high school robotics teams, with all kinds of contraptions.

All in all a great event. It was great to see the robotics community come together, and to see so much support from the public. Next week we'll be teaching some middle and high schoolers how to build Dash, and we're starting to order parts in quantity for our manufacturing run! We'll keep you posted, thanks for reading!




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