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A look at Dash's app

Hi everyone,

This week I'd like to take a look at Dash's iPhone app, DashDrive. DashDrive has three main screens when you're connected to your robot. The first is the "Drive" screen, where you control Dash. Obvious, I know.

That red thing in the middle is the joystick. The color choices at the bottom change Dash's eye color. And the numbers at the top shows you what's going on with Dash's sensors and motors. This is the main screen for playing with Dash. With the joystick you can drive him forward, backward, or make him steer. You can also control his speed.

The next screen, shown above, is called "Auto," short for autonomous. We haven't nailed down exactly which autonomous features Dash will have in the end, but what you see above are a few ideas. We're definitely keeping "Dance." 

The final screen is called "Config," where you can give your robot a name, and select his color, which will help you tell them apart if trying to connect to multiple robots. We might have a few other configuration options on here as well, but again, it's not finalized.

I decided to name this robot Gregor, but you can put in whatever you like. 

That's the app! We're trying to keep it as simple as possible while still offering a lot of potential for fun. If you have suggestions for what you'd like to see in the app, let us know! Comment here, or email us at contact@dashrobotics.com. Thanks for reading!

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Sep 28, 2014 • Posted by Daen de Leon

“Gregor”. Very clever, Mr Kafka. :)

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