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Dash moves to manufacturing, is featured on TED.com!

Hi everyone,

   It's been far too long since the last blog post, but a LOT has happened. After a lot of testing with kids, we've finished our chassis design. It's fun and quick to build, and the robot runs really fast with this design. After a lot of our own testing, we've finished the app, and have sent a robot to Apple so they can approve it for the App Store. After a lot of design and decision-making, we've finished the electronics, and are working with our manufacturer now. One remaining hurdle is our powertrain, as we do our best to find a good source for Dash's motors. That being said, we're now ready to move to manufacturing! But before I talk about that, I wanted to say how thrilled we were to see our robots in a TED video last week!

The talk is about all the wonderful dynamic behaviors of cockroaches, and features 50 Dash prototypes at the very end of the video. You can also check it out on the TED website, here.

Another piece of exciting news is that we've set up shop in a new location in Sunnyvale, CA! About an hour south of Berkeley, this space is in one of our advisor's buildings, and he's been very generous to let us use it. It features an excellent laser cutter, and plenty of space to do manufacturing and final assembly. We're really excited to get to work there, we're setting up the space with tables, tools, and everything else we need to start pumping out robots. We hope to have the first chassis roll off the line this Friday!

Above you see the shiny new laser cutter, recently unboxed. Watch this space next for pictures of the assembly line!

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Jun 13, 2014 • Posted by Carmen Tarigo

Looks very exciting for my grandson. Can’t wait for him to get it. So many learning aspects to it . Thank you Carmen

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