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Production Marches Forward

Hi everyone,

As we covered in our last monthly update, we're well on our way in chassis manufacturing and electronics manufacturing, and our app has been approved and is active in the App Store. Out first production run is just over 1000 units, each of which requires two cuts, the flexure cut and the outline cut.

In the last 9 days (including the weekend) we've managed to do over 800 flexure cuts and over 200 outline cuts. This has been thanks to a big effort, working 7 days a week and employing multiple laser cutters in both Sunnyvale and Berkeley. We plan on continuing this pace until the first run is complete, allowing us to focus on the powertrain manufacturing (which we expect will be easier - knock on wood), packaging, and shipping!


New laser in Berkeley! We'll be able to use this along with other teams in The Foundry.

About 500 flexure cuts. Dash is on his way!



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