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Electronics and Powertrain Manufacturing!

Another exciting week at Dash Robotics! We're almost finished building chassis for the crowdfunding orders, which is really exciting.

We've also started electronics manufacturing this week, with our contract manufacturer in San Jose. They use all kinds of cool equipment to both assemble the components and also to check for quality once assembly is complete. Below you can see the large pick and place machine that uses computer vision to rapidly place electronics components onto the board itself.

The boards are loaded into the machine in a 3x4 panel.

Solder paste is deposited through a mask.

And after assembly, the boards are inspected and x-rayed. For the very first boards, Dwight and I were on hand to make sure everything worked out.

What we get at the end is a finished product!

We're pretty excited. In other news, our motors shipped from China today, and we started 3D printing transmissions.

Things are moving pretty fast here, and we can't wait to get a robot in our backers' hands!


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