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A sneak peek at shipping

We're getting in all the final materials to ship Dash this week. There are a lot of pieces to the packaging, and we've been doing a lot of design work and collaborating with printers to put everything into place. 

A first look at Dash's brochures, and the envelopes that will carry Dash to your door.

We'd also like to highlight the efforts of some of our high school interns, who have been doing great work in helping us get ready to ship. Even some of the less stimulating work, like putting velcro on 1000 batteries.

We've been building a few test robots with our new electronics, and we think the black boards look much nicer than the old green ones. The battery and motor connectors also make things way easier for us, as everything had to be soldered before. Now we can swap electronics, chassis, and transmissions with ease.

So, what remains before we can ship? A few things. Our corrugated boxes that hold the transmission, electronics, and battery were lost in the mail, so we've had to reorder those. They're set to arrive tomorrow (Tues Aug 5th), so we should have some soon. We have been struggling with programming the electronics, as mentioned in the last blog post but things are looking a lot better on that front and we have about a dozen programmed now. Many more would be finished except for an unfortunate hard drive crash (or two).

Our personal goal is to be shipping robots by the end of the week. Issues could come up that prevent this, but we really hope not. We're dying to get these things out the door, and we know this is later than expected, but we want to thank all our backers for their infinite patience and understanding; it's been great how supportive everyone has been. Thanks so much.


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