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After a long hard road, many long nights, and far too many dead computers, we are finally shipping out robots! This is a process that is ramping up, so it may take some time to get your order out. We've sent a few manually, but are working on automating the process to make it easier for us and you. All the packages will be sent with USPS tracking and we should be able to auto-generate an email to you with this. These details are still being worked out so please bear with us, it's our first time shipping 1000 of something!

Andrew stuffs envelopes.

Packed envelopes!

We did have some last minute snafus that delayed us longer than we thought. It turned out to be very difficult (for a lot of frustrating, confusing, boring reasons not worth explaining here) to load the bootloaders onto our chips. This is basically the code that will allow us to put our own custom code on Dash's microchips. After a lot of investigation, computers crashing, and imcompatibility problems, we finally found a solution, using Apple's OS X to program one chip and Windows 7 to program another chip, both on the same set of electronics. Whatever works I guess.

Windows + OSX = 1 Dashboard!

We're looking forward to sending these things out in much greater quantities, which should start this week. Thanks for all your support so far, and thanks for reading! 


Sep 24, 2014 • Posted by Doug

I wanted to post a followup. We received our robot and my 5 year old daughter loved building it and playing with it. The build process was really easy and my daughter was able to complete with a little guidance from me. Excellent product

Sep 11, 2014 • Posted by Nick

Hi Prajith,

Glad you like it! You should get the new chassis soon as well!

Sep 11, 2014 • Posted by Nick

Hi Doug – they’re on their way! We’ve shipped almost 400 now, and we’re aiming to do 50 per day.

Aug 31, 2014 • Posted by Prajith Nair

Nick, got our Dash kit on Friday – my son (Neil) just finished building his first robot and he’s ecstatic. Thanks for all your hard work! Much appreciated!!

P.S – I’m placing a few orders for additional chassis – have a feeling Neil’s gonna burn through the first one pretty quickly.

Aug 26, 2014 • Posted by Doug

What’s the status on this? Another 2 weeks no sign of a robot.

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