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Shipping continues!

Hi everyone,

About 1/3rd of our crowdfunding backers now have their robots, and the rest are coming soon! Andrew is on his way to the Post Office as I type this, and we'll have shipped about 390 robots once he gets there! 

Above, Paul is excited to ship some robots, and below, the Dash Bus gets ready for a delivery run.

A few notes about shipping.

1) We essentially have 600+ backorders to fill now, not including the pre-orders we've taken on this website. We're doing all the shipping ourselves, and we (unfortunately) don't move as fast as Amazon. We're trying to send out 50 robots a day on average. Yesterday we shipped over 100, today we shipped about 40.

2) The shipping schedule is a bit complicated, but more or less, we're shipping all the blue robots first, then the orange, then black, then yellow. Special orders and international orders will ship after these other orders. This is to minimize our chance of mixing orders up!

3) Because of this, if you ordered multiple robots, you may get them one at a time, and not at the same time. Don't despair, the robots will get to you! Look for an email from shipping@dashrobotics.com, this will tell you that the robot is shipped and give you a USPS tracking number.

4) When you get the robot, check out http://dashrobotics.com/build for kit instructions. For the iOS app, you can search the Apple App store for Dash Drive or you can check out the link on dashrobotics.com/play.

5) If you want to program Dash we're working on getting our API and all our files up and public! We've run through this process with some beta testers and it's been successful so far. Expect dashrobotics.com/program to be up and running in the next week or two.

If you have any issues with the robot, please let us know at contact@dashrobotics.com! Also, if you like (love?) Dash, please let us know that as well! We love to hear from our backers, everyone (seriously, everyone) has been really amazing through this process and we're very thankful for that, and all of your support and patience.



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