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Building a Robot Army - Beta edition!

Hey everyone,

We're almost(!) done shipping our domestic orders. If you backed our crowdfunding campaign, live in the US, and still haven't got your robot, hang tight! We're hoping to finish this week. We'll send out an email when that happens.

To deliver all the hand-built robots, we decided to have a little robot building party this Saturday. Some friends came in, pizza and drinks were served, and a good time was had by all. This was a great contrast to a similar event we did in March to prepare for our TED demo. We had to build about the same amount of robots then, but it took all day and a lot of pain. This took 3 hours and was crazy easy. Ah, progress. It's so refreshing. Here are some pics from the event:

Building with just Elmer's, no soldering, leaves more time for pizza. 

The gang in our Sunnyvale workspace.

Inspecting the robots as the glue dries.

The swarm!

Here they come!

Thanks for reading!




Oct 09, 2014 • Posted by Nick

Angelo, a limited number of pre-orders are going out soon! Watch your inbox and this space. Thanks,

Oct 09, 2014 • Posted by Angelo

I have not received my orange Dash. My order shows as “unfulfilled”. How do I go about ordering a Dash Robot Kit?


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