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Dash Product Jam I

We're working with some great designers to develop the next version of our robot, set to launch in September of this year! The designers spent a whole weekend with us while we all talked about what we wanted the next product to be, and what it should look like. Here's some of our rough experimentation below.

This critter was actually built by my wife. Eyes add a lot of personality!

Dwight builds an armadillo prototype, for all the armadillo fans out there. It looks pretty sweet.

Some of the prototypes! Which one is your favorite?


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Sep 02, 2015 • Posted by Joanne Beckman

Through TED talks I first learned of your robotics on TED talks and am very interested in learning more. My son has a special interest in robotics and I am hoping it is possible to purchase one for him. I look forward to hearing from you and thanks.

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