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There are 4 main components of Dash - the chassis (or body), the electronics, the smartphone app, and the powertrain. All of these elements have to work well together.


A great example of this is the powertrain. Consisting of a battery, Dash's two motors, some gears, and a transmission housing, the powertrain has to give Dash plenty of well, power, while being reliable, and fitting together with all the other components. 


The motor Dash uses is important. We plan on using a 6 or 7mm DC brushed motor. You can learn more about how these work here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brushed_DC_electric_motor Brushed motors are easy to control, and are common in many toys and cellphones. 


While the robot will be constructed in the USA, there's just no better place for small toy parts than China. To that end, we plan on sourcing our motors from China, before they go into Dash. We've received several samples and will be testing them as Dash develops. We need to figure out which motor is best, and if their quality will be consistent over many units. Here's a look at our motor samples:



Over the next few months, we'll be testing motors both in and outside of Dash to figure out which one is the best. At that point, we'll be ordering a few thousand to go into the robots! 

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