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Our Story

Paul, Nick and Andrew are PhD engineers living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Dash started as a research project in our robotics lab at UC Berkeley, where we all worked together designing robots on principles found in nature. After years of soldering, gluing, programming, and working with biologists, Paul created Dash by bringing together the flat construction process with the bio-inspired dynamics that make running possible. Nick and Andrew worked on related projects, designing robots that fly, turn on a dime, and climb. Together, we realized these robots would make a great educational tool and a fun hobbyist kit, and that our construction process would allow us to make Dash much more affordable than anything that existed. We then went to work figuring out how we could bring these robots to everyone, and Dash Robotics was born.

Meet the Team

Nick Kohut
Co-Founder, CEO

Nick is a former robotics postdoc at Stanford and received his PhD in Control Systems from UC Berkeley. At Dash Robotics, Nick handles team-building and project management. 

Andrew Gillies
Co-Founder, COO

Andrew received his PhD at UC Berkeley, and is an expert in materials composites, and mechanical design. At Dash Robotics, Andrew handles manufacturing and product.

Paul Birkmeyer
Co-Founder, Adviser

Paul is also a UC Berkeley PhD grad, and is original mechanical mastermind behind Dash. He now works full-time at SRI International in their robotics group, and helps Dash with all sorts of fun projects.