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Meet Dash

Dash comes as a kit that is super fun to fold and assemble. With tabs and slots to guide the way, kids and hobbyists alike will love the process of turning a flat sheet into a robot that's ready to run in about an hour. 

Once finished, our free app can be used to control Dash from your smartphone or tablet. Make an obstacle course over all sorts of terrain, or race your friends to see who can get the fastest time!

Dash is also equipped with a variety of sensors, so he can perform cool behaviors and interact with his environment. And since he’s Arduino-compatible, you can add sensors and program in behaviors of your own. Here are some cool things we're working on that you can download into your Dash:

Product Specs:

Age group 8+
Time to build 1 hour
Control iOS device
Playtime per charge 45 minutes
Charge time 15 minutes

Mechanical Specs:

Size 10 cm
Weight 20 g
Drivetrain 2x 6mm Coreless DC motors
Power 125 mAh LiPo battery
Top Speed 6 feet/second


Visit our Build Page to find the Beta Dash build instructions.


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