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DashBoard RDK

Dashboard. The easiest way to get your robot moving.

Arduino + Bluetooth + Motor Drivers + Sensors:

All the components you need to rapidly build your robot on one tiny, light, easy to use board. Until now, doing these things would require multiple boards, which can be awkward and expensive.


The Features you want: DashBoard is Arduino-compatible, equipped with the Atmega 32u4 processor (also found in the Arduino Leonardo), BTLE capable, and features dual-H-bridge motor drivers. There’s also sensors, like IR emitter/detectors, a visible light sensor, and a gyroscope.

Easy to program: Since DashBoard is Arduino-compatible, it’s incredibly easy to program. We also have libraries, functions, and sample code to make the whole process a snap.

The robot app: Download our iOS app, so you can control your robot over your smartphone or tablet.

Open Source, the whole way: All of the electronics, firmware, and even our iOS app are open source, so you can dig as deep as you want.

Expandable: Breakout pins allow you to solder any SPI or I2C connection, and add daughter boards to add your own custom capabilities.


Questions? Let us know at contact@dashrobotics.com.