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Introducing Dash

We received our robot and my daughter loved building it and playing with it. The build process was really easy and my daughter was able to complete with a little guidance from me. Excellent product.- Doug

I am an original Kickstarter and received my kit this weekend. It is AWESOME! Thank you for making it a reality." - Peter S.

"My son finally received Dash and he was soooo excited! We built the dash and have been having fun playing with Mr. Robot, as named by my son." -Shanaz N.

"I took my students through the DashBot class yesterday. They got it. Our goal for that session was simply to slow the darned thing down, as it runs crazy fast [...] Boom, one line change. They felt like gods when the change worked the first time." - Bob K.

"It is alive and running! What a perfect daughter / father project!" - Ari J.

Dash is the world's first lightning-fast origami robot that people love to play with. Our animal-inspired design allows us to offer a fun, high performance robot at a price never before possible. Dash is a great educational tool for kids that want to get an early start in robotics, engineering, and biology, as well as a great platform for makers that want to dig in and explore the possibilities of a new paradigm in robotics.


Because he has legs, Dash can run over all sorts of terrain, including rocks and gravel. And he is so tough that you can run him off of tables and he just keeps going!


What do I get?

The Dash kit comes with everything you need to build and run Dash with your iOS device. This includes the laser-cut body components, as well as the motor, transmission, and plug-and-play electronics. The assembly should take about an hour, and we have videos online that show you how it all comes together. The only thing you'll need to supply is all-purpose glue (like Elmer's).


Our mobile apps allow you to control Dash from your smartphone or tablet. We support all iOS devices that have Bluetooth 4.0, including:



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